Tuesday, November 13, 2007


On Sunday, I met a guy who has been a part of the Catholic Worker Movement. This is a movement of christians who live in community together in voluntary poverty with the goal of trying to make an impact on poverty and consumerism in the US. While I don't necessarily agree with all of their methodology, I was struck by their view of community. Here are people that live together in relative poverty and share most everything they have with each other and those around them.

It was really a wake up call to me to think about how I am living out community. I live in a condominium that shares a wall with a family and the most interaction that happens is when we happen to be in the driveway at the same time or when our cat goes on their porch and bothers them. I work in a church and yet at times feel incredibly disconnected with most of our members. I am dropping the ball in this area of community.

How should Christian community play out? I don't really have the answer but I do know it has something to do with us as christians learning how to live life together and engage in the culture around us.

Here is sarcastic blog post with a list of ways to avoid community and for more info on the catholic workers movement's aims and means go here (again we disagree a little here).

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