Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trustworthiness Questions

It has certainly been too long since I haved blogged and starting right now I am going to turn over a new leaf in my blog production. I want to try and answer a couple of questions that were posed on Sunday night at our youth meeting.

A quick recap of what we talked about:
  • A desire that we all have is to be able to fully trust the people in our lives.
  • Unfortunately, people let us down and no person or thing in this world can be fully trusted.
  • Psalm 146 shows us how we should not put our trust in things that cannot save and that our hope should be fully found in God.
  • Ultimately, he is the one that sets the slave free, opens the eyes of the blind, and is a Father to the fatherless.

At the end of the talk I had a couple of questions that were posed that I answered but I have begun to contemplate them more I have come up with what I think are slightly more comprehensive answers.

Question #1

Should we not trust anyone in this world? Aren't almost all relationships built on a foundation of trust?

The answer to those two questions are yes and yes. Here is what I want to convey on these questions: I am not saying that we shouldn't trust the relationships in our lives but that we shouldn't trust them explictly. Worldly relationships are going to break down at some point in our life but Christ is our Rock and will never change and will never let us down. My marriage would really be a drag if Emily and I never trusted the other person but we cannot be looking for our satisfaction and hope in our marriage relationship.

Question #2

What if someone continually breaks our trust how should do we continue to love them?

For me the most important thing here is to think about our relationship with Christ. I let him down day after day and yet he continues to love me. Showing Christ to someone means that you love them despite their shortcomings. Does that mean that you have to like the person and continue to trust them with the things in your life? Absolutely not, but the bible does call us to continue to love people that seem unloveable.

I hope this clears up my answers from Sunday night a little bit.

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