Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well...here goes nothing!

Word on the street is that if you are going to be a hip youth guy these days you must have a blog. So, in an attempt to be wicked awesome I am joining the world o' bloggin. All this comes with the caveat that I am really not that good of a writer and my grammer will at times be absolutley atroucious. I have no problem with changing verb tenses in mid sentence, really no issue with passive voice, and I don't think I could identify the object or indirect object in this sentence, but what the heck...

This blog exists for the purpose of speaking to how Christ works in our lives and culture to bring glory to himself. If you are a student involved in the Westminster youth group (or just a really cool person) and want to add something to the blog please email me so that I can post it up for all to see. I want this to be both posts from me as well as students that want to share what the Lord is doing in their lives. Even if you are struggling we can all learn from what you are going through and how the Lord is speaking in the midst of tough times. So...Giddy Up!

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Emily said...

I can't believe that you have a blog and I am JUST now finding out about it. AND I can't believe that you used a word like caveat in your first post...this is seriosly fabulous! And btw...if Jim and Pam were real, Jason and I would be bffs with you guys too...they rock, but not as much as y'all!